Senior Revenue Manager Candidate
Thomas is a model professional that operates with clear direction and transparency throughout the
interview process. Thomas’ honesty was very refreshing and was apparent right from initial talks we
held together where he painted a realistic picture that presented a very exciting opportunity.
Thomas really knows his stuff when it comes to Revenue Management and takes the time to listen
and understand your needs. Then will pair you up with relevant opportunities that he feels you will
be a good fit for.
Thomas always made himself available whenever needed. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with
and getting to know Thomas more throughout my interview process and could not recommend him
enough for anyone looking at their next move within the Revenue Management sector.

Cluster Revenue Manager Candidate
The service Tom provided was second to none. As my first agency experience I did not know what to
expect; and hearing horror stories from colleagues about other agencies I was a bit sceptical. My
worries were put to bed after speaking to Tom for the first time. He helped me to find a job in
revenue management which was well above my expectations and has offered continued support
even after I was hired. I would highly recommended Thomas Finn if you are looking to continue your
career in revenue management.

Revenue Executive Candidate
I was first introduced to Mr. Finn last June, when he came to lecture a workshop in my university,
Glion Institute of Higher Education. I was pleased to assist and hear his experience and insights of
how to apply and get our dream job as a future graduate.
Apart from his interesting and helpful workshop, I got the chance to speak individually with him and
asked for his help seeking a job, the following semester, in the field of Revenue Management. After
the summer break, as agreed, I contacted him to check if there were any work opportunities that he
may be aware of, as I was graduating in less than 4 months’ time. In a matter of days, I got an
interview for one of the biggest and most recognized hotel-chains in the world, for a work
opportunity in their headquarters in the London area. I prepared myself for this interview taking
everything what Mr. Finn advised me to, and, a few days after, I got his call with some outstanding
news: I was given the job.
I was astounded, how easily and quick this whole process went and amazed to be still finishing my
masters and already having my goal job. I am very much pleased to get his help, and hope to stay in
touch with him, as my career progresses.

Revenue Analyst Candidate
There are very few professionals in this industry who bring competence to the table with a mix of a
very positive attitude and an extremely friendly demeanour. Tom is certainly one of
them. Throughout the whole process he provided exceptional guidance and was always keen to give
advice whilst showing a genuine interest in my progress. Tom displayed a real touch of class that I
haven't experienced with any other recruiter, and for that i can't thank him enough!

Marriott International
Tom always acts in a professional way and uses his knowledge and expertise in the recruitment of
suitable revenue candidates to meet our company’s needs. He demonstrates a clear understanding
of the trends and markets for revenue and we have now got a great team in place. I would certainly
recommend Tom to help any business in their revenue management recruitment process.

Villa Plus
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you

for finding the right candidate for the role I was recruiting for.
Working with you again has been an absolute pleasure. You totally get Revenue Management and
you always send me candidates that have exactly the requirements and skills I am looking for.
Your knowledge, professionalism and passion makes the recruitment process so much easier and
faster, thank you!

The Langham
In the time I have known Tom I have always found him to be a person of utmost integrity and
professionalism, with a genuine desire to be positively impactful to peoples development and
careers. In an industry often overly biased toward merely filling roles, Tom’s approach is one of
ensuring there is the best possible fit between candidate and role, I have witnessed this approach in
person with two roles Tom has recruited for my team.
Tom’s work with hospitality students is testament to his belief in the development of new talent into
the industry and his drive and commitment to creating openings for graduates is actively changing
the recruitment approach of many hotel groups.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom, whether it be for recruitment purposes,
mentoring of emerging talent or general career mentoring.

Caravan and Motorhome Club
I first discovered Tom whilst researching online Revenue Management job advertisements to aid me
in writing the JD for our recent Group Revenue Manager hire. I quickly realised that Tom is a
specialist in the Revenue Management field and as this is a significant hire for the Club I wanted an
appropriate level of recruitment expertise involved in the recruitment, hence I picked up the phone
and began working with Tom on the assignment.
What impressed me most about Tom was both his in-depth understanding of Revenue Management
role types and skills required, and the speed in which Tom got on with the job. Tom never failed to
update us as the search went on and his enthusiasm for finding us the right candidate never
faltered. Tom was utterly professional in his conduct and what’s more, also found us some burst
resource, in the form of a short-term contract, to help us in the interim.”

Away Resorts
I worked with Tom on a hard to fill revenue management position with a great result. Not only did I
find him highly professional and knowledgeable, but he is someone that will go the extra mile to
ensure the right candidate is matched to the right position. I'll certainly use him again and have no
hesitation in recommending others to do the same.'

Kilworth House
I contacted Tom when recruiting for a Revenue Manager to join our 4-red star country house hotel,
he was quick to respond and after meeting with him I felt confident that he had understood our
business and our needs. Due to Tom’s knowledge of the industry he was able to match and supply
candidates of a high quality and who were well suited to us. Throughout the process communication
was excellent and he kept us up to date with honest feedback. I was really happy with his support
and service and would recommend him.

Celebrity Cruises
Tom is one of the best recruiters I've had the pleasure of dealing with to date. As an employer, I
would be looking for a recruiter who had my business interests at heart, who would speak to
candidates as a partner and would keep candidates fully in the picture of developments.

Tom does this and more.

He has the perfect balance of contact without harassing and engages candidates on a personal level
whilst remaining unfailingly professional throughout the process. A real pleasure to do business with
and represent our organisation."

Bourne Leisure
Having created a new role within our team we spent 6 months struggling to find the right person
through our usual channels until we turned to Tom. He listened carefully to our description of the
new role and found a couple of very good candidates quickly who fulfilled our needs. Tom
throughout the process maintained the right balance in his communication, keeping us informed but
not pestering! We are pleased with the end result and now have someone who will hopefully have a
long and successful career with us.

Youth Development Feedback

Youth Focus North East

I initially met Thomas from an impromptu telephone call made to our office by him asking about Youthwork and the local area. Thomas was clearly a person who enjoys linking to others and as I am very similar I invited him and his partner whom he was initially asking for to the office to meet the team in person.

Both Thomas and Dani arrived on time and were dressed to impress. Dani was looking to start a new career and it was clear immediately that Thomas was not from these parts and was very interested in the need for supporting young people and how his experiences as a recruitment consultant could help.

Chatting to them both was easy and the conversation flowed with Thomas sharing some personal challenges he had experienced and why he had an interest to support young people in the North East to receive some of the same opportunities as those down south.

Dani was passionate about helping young people and also shared about her own challenges with standard education. They both worked so well together bouncing ideas off one another and being pro-active to opportunities that presented themselves through the conversation.

My Future Matters is a 1-year employability programme ran by Youth Focus: North East with funding from The Virgin Money Foundation and in no time at all we had made a collective decision to trial an employability workshop and mock interview day for our clients that mimicked exactly the workshop that Thomas delivers to University students from some of the top Universities in the UK. After all, why should something be changed or dumbed down for young people north of the region who have not accessed higher education as all young people have been highlighted to struggle with the same difficulties ie: Confidence, Communication, Time management, Self-esteem, Self-worth, Motivation.

Our Clients had not sat behind tables for a long time (or ever in a few cases) and my concern was that the delivery of 9-5 would be a huge challenge too far so this was attended to in discussions and the day completed at around 3.45.

 I have to say sitting and listening to a professional (booted and suited) being utterly honest to our clients was really refreshing. He wasn’t promising them the earth or highlighting to them he could get them employment immediately but what he did do was give them something they had never had in this environment before. He gave them the chance to start to believe in themselves. He did nothing for them, he never let them off if they started to panic when their turn at role play came up, he never stopped the session if they got frustrated or showed a little misplaced anger, he always gave them positive feedback but blended it with something to work on for next time too. He took people to one side who looked to struggle a little more and for our clients there was ZERO PAPERWORK which was a massive sense of relief. Some of our clients don’t read or write well and the positive feedback we received from the learners highlighting how refreshing it was to be able to make notes if you wish and not have to complete 15 pages of paperwork was a major bonus. 

Bringing their real life situations into their delivery was a positive aspect of the delivery and spending some time to host 1-2-1 meetings to find out about the learners hopes and dreams, aspirations and challenges was an experience the learners had only had with ourselves at Youth Focus. We work to a person-centred holistic model and active listening is a skill that Thomas and Dani had in abundance. They both genuinely wanted to get to know the learners.

Thomas focussed on the learners’ CV, s and Dani spent some time looking to link up with local opportunities all during getting to know the learners and delivering the workshop. Body language and making the right first impression were topics which had been covered in other employability workshops the learners had been on but in this environment with the supportive manner of Dani it seemed to sink in. The learners were all stepping forward to try role plays and they were all coming up with types of questions they may ask a potential employer.

The most positive aspect of this programme was by far the mock interviews. Requesting the learners to research, prepare, plan, and undergo an interview for a position with their firm really got them thinking. Our team supported them to think about transferable skills and how they could showcase their enthusiasm even if their skills were significantly lacking for the role. Thomas and Dani highlighted to the group the mock interview was about being as real and genuine as possible and how knowing yourself a little more can in some situations be all the employer is looking for.

8 of the most challenging learners took part in the workshop and 5 of them have all gained employment. I also would like to add 1 learner has gone to Pakistan for 12 weeks with his family and the other 2 were partners who broke up with each other and have since disengaged from the support due to the difficulties of their relationship.

Some of the feedback received from the learners included:

Client M Aged 22

“I can’t believe I’ve done that I’m well proud of myself that was mint!”

Client M had never been in employment and did not read or write well and had experienced a major brain injury affecting his short term memory. Client M was in and out of the care system and is now working for a building firm and hopes to start to save for his own little terrace house with a small garden for his dogs.

Client A Aged 21

“That was sound, no bull and I liked how honest he was”.

Client A highlighted the last few years were spent “dossing” about as he never believed in himself enough to bother trying. Client A now has an apprenticeship with Toby Inns as a Chef and after his real interview said “I totally smashed it! I had 6 questions prepared and felt completely in control I know they are going to employ me”. 1 hour later client A was still in the office having a cup of coffee he received the call he had been successful.

Client J Aged 21

Client J has gained employment through 3 major agencies gaining regular shifts for Forklift work. Client J highlighted “I kind of already knew a lot of the information as the job centre have made me do 4 employability programmes before but I liked the way Thomas and Danielle worked together and kept everyone involved as it was easy to switch off with the job centre workshops. Being in a smaller group was good too.”

Client S Aged 18

Client S has gone with his family to Pakistan but said “I never knew any of that so I am pleased I did it cause I never learned that stuff anywhere before, as soon as I get back I am going to properly start to look for work and know I have knowledge to feel confident to get work.”

Finally, Thomas has made himself available through regular emails and constant reminders of encouragement to the learners and this has kept them all motivated and driven. Some of the learners highlighted wanting a little more from this stage as they were inspired by Thomas and felt if they had perhaps weekly time slots for check ins they possibly would have found employment a little sooner.

My main point of feedback relates to the holistic support young people need to gain the skills necessary to secure sustainable employment. Prior to the workshop link the team at Youth Focus had spent a number of months and many 1-2-1 hours with each of these young people and also significantly supported the delivery of the workshop so it could run smoothly and for some of the clients who had anxiety and learning difficulties this is necessary so that Thomas and Danielle can work well. Some learners were taken to the store to buy interview clothes and shoes (which they did not own and which our funding helps with) and also supported to understand the job specification and how the learners could apply their own set of skills to match. All of our learners struggled with their basic personal presentation for interview and it was a very kind gesture of Thomas and Danielle to provide an interview case filled with ties, deodorant, lipsticks, and chewing gum to help our clients out. A very special touch to complete a very special workshop delivered with congruence and passion.

Thank you for all your support

From Helen and Jamie and the team at Youth Focus: North East.


Hi Thomas,

Just some feedback from the CV Skills Session you delivered for us here at the YMCA for some of our residents.

At first I was a little apprehensive about if our residents would engage and if they did for how long. I was pleased with the turn out we had, 6 residents to start with then 5 and back to 6 to finish the session off. 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching our residents engage with you and Danielle throughout the day and I do honestly feel they gained a lot from it. Not only how to construct a CV but also raising their self-esteem by feeling good about themselves and having fun. 

Getting our residents to engage for long periods is a task in itself and for them to complete a 5 hour session with you, I feel was nothing short of brilliant. 

The feedback from those who attended was all positive and throughout the day I kept asking the residents if they were enjoying it and do they feel they are getting something worthwhile from it. All said yes and were in agreement they were enjoying it,

‘’I enjoyed learning about a CV as I do not have one myself and this session let me think hard about what to put on mine’’. 

‘’The fun games in-between the actual work were good as it made the session more relaxing and enjoyable, instead of like being at school in a lesson’’

‘’Although I do not have a CV and I am wanting one. I am not confident enough to do one myself as I will think it looks crap, but if my Keyworker were to help me, I know what I would want to put on and that was from the help of this session’’.

Those are some of the feedback remarks I got from those who attended your session. Again I was extremely pleased with the whole session, the delivery, the positive outcomes and the feedback so I thank you both, Thomas and Danielle for your time and effort with our young people.

Kind regards


YMCA Support Worker